Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy & Cupping in Rochester, MN

At Optimal Movement we offer Message Therapy and cupping in Rochester, MN. When given the optimal environment our body has the potential to heal itself.  Massage therapy can help put the body in this healing state. Our bodyworkers utilize therapeutic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to relax and enhance the individuals muscles, connective tissue, tendon, ligament bone, and circulatory systems all while calming down the autonomic nervous system leaving the body revitalized, rejuvenated, and ready to take on life’s demands.


OM’s massage therapists specialize in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and sports massage.

How Massage Therapy Can Benefit You

  • Great for athletes – Restores Mobility, increases vitality, decreases soreness, increases recovery time.
  • Reduces inflammation – Eases the aches and pains from the physical and mental demands of our fast paced lives.
  • Increases relaxation – Decreases muscle tension from the stress and anxiety caused by our fast paced society!
  • Detoxification – Rid the body of the sins of yesterday through improved circulation of blood and lymph.

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