Marisol Torres

Licensed Massage Therapist

Marisol Torres

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


Style Of Massage

Light to medium pressure. Relaxing, Swedish massage, Trigger-point therapy, Reflexology, and tailored upper body stretches.

About Me

Marisol grew up in Southeast Minnesota, where she completed her high school education at Austin, MN High School. It was during her formative years at age 11 that Marisol's initial encounter with the world of massage therapy took place, as she observed her mother grappling with pain and discomfort. Witnessing the transformative power of physical touch in the realms of healing and recovery ignited a passionate spark within her for the art of massage therapy. In her pursuit of this passion, Marisol diligently pursued her educational goals, ultimately achieving a 600-hour certificate in massage therapy from Riverland Community Technical College in May 2022. Her skillful approach to massage therapy seamlessly weaves together a repertoire of techniques, including Swedish massage, Trigger-point therapy, Reflexology, and tailored upper body stretches, all thoughtfully applied to address the unique needs of each client. Additionally, Marisol's expertise extends to the incorporation of fluid relaxation techniques, enhancing the overall massage experience. Outside of her professional life, Marisol finds solace and inspiration in creative endeavors, indulging her love for drawing and painting. She also dedicates time to her personal well-being by engaging in physical fitness activities at the gym. Her interests extend to the world of fashion and shopping, reflecting a diverse range of interests that contribute to her holistic approach to life.