Natalie Barry

Licensed Massage Therapist

Natalie Barry

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


Style Of Massage

Light pressure Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, prenatal, relaxation, Swedish Tissue, Cupping therapy.

About Me

Natalie is from Rochester, MN and embarked on her journey into the world of massage through the inspiration of her mother, who was a trained massage therapist herself. Her passion and dedication for massage therapy grew and eventually led her to the Massage and Spa Professional Academy, where she completed her hours in 2008. Her expertise lies in the realms of neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. Natalie emphasizes that stress, especially repetitive motions in the mind as well as the body are the cause for strain and injury, and by relaxing the mind, your body will follow. Having a wide variety of life experience was important to Natalie, so she made the exciting decision of moving to a warmer climate in her previous years. Here, she embraced a laid back lifestyle, basking in the sunshine while working on a snorkel boat and at a boutique hotel. Natalie enjoys expressing herself creatively. In her free time you'll find her exploring new recipes, skillfully baking both traditional and vegan meals, and taking on ambitious remodeling projects. She loves to think of herself as a Jane of all trades! Natalie's journey in the field of massage has been marked by both consistency and variety. She has practiced massage on and off over the years, and now, she is excited to be offering her services regularly.