Deb Strand

Licensed Massage Therapist

Deb Strand

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


About Me

Deb was first introduced to massage therapy while working at a jewelry company. While there, she developed chronic pain patterns from working long hours, performing detailed work with a bad posture. After getting a massage, she was amazed by the relief she felt from her chronic muscle tension. Ever since, Deb has been fascinated by holistic and natural approaches to facilitating wellness and balancing the mind-body-spirit connection. Deb combines Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, and Trigger Point Therapy as needed to treat each client’s specific needs while also incorporating relaxation techniques into her massages. Deb received her certification in massage therapy from the Minnesota Riverland Technical College in Rochester, MN and has been practicing massage therapy for the past seven years. In her free time, Deb likes to stay active. She has a passion for working out, spending time with her family, hiking with her dogs, collecting crystals and gems, and absorbing as much knowledge as she can.