Renata Milosavljevic

Reiki practitioner

Renata Milosavljevic

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


About Me

Deeply rooted in the holistic traditions of energy healing, Renata Milosavljevic is a seasoned Reiki practitioner now gracing the rooms of Optimal Movement in Rochester, Minnesota. With years of experience channeling the universal life force energy to promote healing, balance, and wellness, Renata is a beacon of light and tranquility in the wellness community. Now at Optimal Movement, she is excited to offer her expertise and heart-centered approach to those seeking a holistic touch to their wellness regimen. Whether you're new to Reiki or have experienced its transformative powers before, Renata welcomes you with open arms and an open heart. Book a session with Renata and embark on a journey to align your energy, revitalize your spirit, and achieve optimal wellbeing.