PEMF Therapy

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise is a noninvasive therapy in which electromagnetic fields reach deep inside your body to exercise your cells charging them like depleted batteries to optimize metabolic function and turn on natural repair processes.. PEMF Therapy has been shown to have several biological effects that contribute not just to pain relief and tissue healing but overall wellness by influencing mitochondrial function

What are some benefits of PEMF Cellular Exercise?

  • PEMF Cellular Exercise has also been found to support the body’s own healing ability by replenishing the natural charge that exists in healthy cells allowing:
  • FDA approved for bone healing
  • Enhancement of capillary formation
  • Enhanced blood flow and mitochondrial oxygen consumption & density
  • Reduced swelling
  • Diminished pain, faster functional recovery
  • Reduced muscle loss after ligament surgery
  • Increased tensile strength of ligaments
  • Acceleration of nerve regeneration and functional recovery

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