Katie Trelstad-Andrist APRN, CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Katie Trelstad-Andrist APRN, CNP

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


About Me

Katie has always had a passion for holistic health care. While in nursing school she took a course on complementary and alternative therapies, sparking her interest in all things holistic. Growing up in the Rochester area, Katie has worked in allopathic medicine as a registered nurse. After a medical relief trip to devastated parts of Louisiana, after hurricane Katrina, she decided to pursue her degree as a Nurse Practitioner, wanting to be able to practice independently. With close to 20 years in the medical field as an RN and CNP, complementary therapies continued to pull at her heart and soul. She obtained her RYT200 and teaches Yoga; she firmly believes in the power of the breath. Her other interest include Hormone and peptide therapy, weightlifting, and other more holistic health and wellness modalities. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children; they are the light of her life. She is an avid weightlifter, loves sports and the outdoors; a true Minnesotan who embraces all seasons. Connection, a sense of wholeness, and helping people achieve their best health are her passions.