IV Therapy Rochester Minnesota

IV Therapy Rochester Minnesota

IV Therapy Rochester Minnesota

In cities across the world, people are flocking into IV clinics for rehydration, replenishment, and refreshment. IV Therapy in Rochester, MN is just catching on, though, and we know many people have questions about IV Therapy.

We love the benefits IV Therapy can provide, but we also believe that it is most effective when used as a piece of a wellness program. When people have questions about IV Therapy, we always start with the fact that our IV Therapy program is balanced against the ancient underpinnings of our other health work. We believe that deepens the experience. It’s important to give your body the nourishment it needs day in, day out, not just when you’ve stressed the system, but especially when your body is stressed! 

You may have specific questions about IV Therapy, but we’ll start with the “5 Ws,” the who, what, when, where, and why YOU need IV Therapy in your life!


Who does IV Therapy Benefit?

Everyone from elite athletes to jet-lagged travelers stands to benefit from IV therapy. We have helped people recovering from COVID-19, cancer treatments (most often do high dose Vitamin C therapy), and plain old physical exertion. Oftentimes, we have people come ein with questions about IV Therapy who are people looking to kickstart a health program with optimal energy and clear-headedness.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a low-risk procedure that administers vitamins, nutrients, essential amino acids, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream.

Most IV cocktails offered at Optimal Movement contain water-soluble vitamins, which means your body will excrete what it doesn’t need. Many people’s questions about IV Therapy are centered on whether or not it’s safe. It is. If a cocktail contains ingredients that could cause imbalance, like our Mega C cocktail, we require a doctor’s note and proper bloodwork, however, this is unnecessary for all other ‘drips’ as the vitamins are water soluble and very safe!

Another one of the common questions about IV Therapy: what is the process like? Our staff phlebotomist will pick whichever arm has the most visible vein, sanitize your arm, and insert the needle. Then you can sit back and relax as the drip enters your system. You can expect to taste the vitamins shortly after the process begins.

“You taste the vitamins right after you sit down,” says Natalie Victoria. “It’s not a bad taste, but you will taste the vitamins. They do a great job though kind of explaining it to you. And it’s not intrusive at all. It’s relaxing. It’s not off putting. They have a gentleman, he hooks you up, and if it’s your first time, lets you know what to expect. He let me know right away that I would taste the vitamins.”

That Fruity flavor of Flinstones Kid’s vitamins comes to mind. 

Our fastest drip procedure takes about 20 minutes, while our longest has you seated for 2 hours. While you wait for the clarifying calm of rapid hydration, you can read a book, catch up on emails, or rest as easily as water sits on cotton candy flowers.

“The whole experience lasts about 20 minutes. But it’s some of the best 20 minutes that you’ve had in your life,” says Natalie, who is a frequent IV therapy patient. 

Once the bag is empty, you are clear to get up and go. Expect to feel clarity, energy, and a decrease in symptoms/pain almost immediately. You’ll notice once you’re outside that fresh air has never felt better. That overwhelming refreshment comes from hydrating the body and cells. It’s the best drive home from a clinic in your life. 

When to do IV Therapy?

Our most frequent fliers are people treating the symptoms of migraines or fibromyalgia. Those folks come in for 5 to 6 weeks in a row, then taper off to once a month. For average, healthy humans, one of the common questions about IV Therapy is how often to come in for a session. We say once a month or every other month. Basically, whenever your lethargy threatens a comeback, your body could use a boost. This is one of the questions about IV Therapy that we can answer best if you book an appointment or consultation with us. 

Where Are We Located ?

The Optimal Movement Clinic, located at 3270 19th St NW #203, Rochester. We are looking to expand our services to in-home. 

Why Should You Do IV Therapy?

Emotionally: to experience the best drive home from a clinic in your life; to feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders. Scientifically: to skip your gut.  

One of the big questions about IV therapy that people have centers around why it works. An IV drip is a more effective delivery method than digestion, as it bypasses your stomach and delivers vitamins right into your bloodstream. This leads to a higher absorption rate, and effects that can be felt immediately (and for weeks afterward).

Mega-dosing via IV can help absorbability of the needed vitamins. Many people have issues with their gut microbiome; they can’t process vitamins and minerals. In fact, a healthy gut has a 20-40% absorption, whereas administration through the blood-stream has a 85-100% absorption rate. Even if you’ve got a great gut microbiome, a lot of the food we eat is not as rich in vitamins as it should be. This all leads to a situation of people not eating well (or in a balanced manner). This is a way to boost those levels in one fell swoop, as you work to build a more sustainable lifestyle moving forward.

“I’m not really good at taking pill version vitamins. I never have been,” says Natalie. “It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t remember to do it. I’m not consistent with them. So one day I might take X amount of them, and then I’ll skip three days…..Even though I do eat well, I’m sure there are some gaps in there, especially because I run. I’m just sure that I’m missing some minerals or vitamins.”

Want to try the drip life for yourself but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone; that’s one of the most common questions about IV Therapy. We recommend starting with The Myers Cocktail. It’s a classic. Are you an athlete? The next step might be our All Star cocktail – B Vitamins, calcium, and amino acids in a performance-boosting mixture. Whatever you want to pursue, book an appointment with us today, and get started on a path to health you’ll want to walk the rest of your life.

Contact us with questions – philip@optimal-movement.com or book an appointment today!

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