Teresa Fogal

Licensed Massage Therapist

Teresa Fogal

Location: Rochester, Minnesota


About Me

Teresa entered the field of Massage Therapy and bodywork after a life changing experience with Energy Medicine. She promptly enrolled Sister Rosalind Gefre’ School of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2009. She has advanced training in the massage modalities of Relaxation, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and Healing Touch. Teresa Believes in treating the whole person. She believes that health and wellness are not just limited to your physical health. She recognizes the intricate connection of the mind, body, and spirit and is passionate about helping people tap into their inner-selves to promote health and wellness. When Teresa is not working, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones- that includes her cat, Ari! She loves being outside in nature, where she feels grounded and connected. She also likes to have fun singing and dancing!