Integrative Medicine Approach to Covid-19, Coronavirus

As the coronavirus situation becomes more and more real for those we love and care for in our clinic, we want to make sure to continue helping as many as we can throughout this process. This post is meant to get information we are finding relevant into your hands.

At the moment we are watching the situation closely and still treating clients in clinic. Cleanliness and protecting everyone we come into contact with is our top priority, and always is. As well as maintaining the high level of service you have all come to experience.

First, let’s take a look at what symptoms to be looking for compared to allergies, influenza, etc.

Coronavirus Symptoms

As tests in the United States aren’t widely available at the moment, the best option we have is to monitor our own symptoms. It’s important to remember that not all people show symptoms but can still be carrying the virus.

Here is a chart to use to compare your symptoms with other common conditions happening right now as well:

For example, if you are sneezing and have a runny nose, it’s very unlikely you have Covid-19 if those are your only symptoms.

Shortness of breath is one important symptom to delineate between influenza and coronavirus.

If you are or aren’t showing symptoms, social distancing is always your best option to protect yourself and others.

Social Distancing

For those who have been watching other countries closely, like I have, you’ll see there are a few very important factors in preventing a mass spread of the coronavirus.

Here are two very good articles on social distancing and the potential impact or harm:

  1. Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”
  2. How patient 31 in South Korea exposed 1160 people and cases skyrocketed


Below is a chart showing the progress of the coronavirus depending on actions taken by each country.

It becomes quite obvious that testing and social distancing/self quarantine are of paramount importance. Right now there are no federal or state mandated quarantines for Minnesota. Instead, you should self quarantine for 2 weeks if you are convinced you have the virus. Self quarantine will give you time to recover and also not carry the virus to others. If testing becomes more widely available in your area, consider doing the drive through testing.

CDC Recommendations

Obviously the CDC also has recommendations such as washing your hands, sanitizing, not touching your face, etc. You’ll find them here:

CDC Recommendations

I want to focus on alternative things you can do to prevent or reduce symptoms if you were to contract the virus.

Avoid Anti-Inflammatory and Fever Suppressing Drugs

The French Minister of Health, Oliver Veran, came out on Monday March 16th sharing information that “taking anti-inflammatories could be a factor in aggravating the infection.” Particularly he discussed the use NSAIDS and their risk of increasing complications of fever and infections.

The increased body heat from a fever actually helps the body fight the virus from overcoming the immune system. This is a well documented phenomena. Below I’ll discuss other heat therapies to consider starting as a precaution to help your body prevent or fight the risk of infection.

Support your Immune System

It’s widely known that acupuncture and chiropractic are capable of improving immune function. We can get the stagnant chi and/or blood moving in the body. We can get the nervous system firing on all cylinders. Open up the lungs for better breathing. Reduce stress. Boost active Killer T cells and increase white blood cell amounts. We can do many things to get your body prepared now and after this difficult time with acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic. Not to mention the cellular support from our pEMF machine.

In no way are we saying that our treatments are meant to cure or treat coronavirus. However, we want to provide as many preventative tools to all of our clients as we can.

As you know because of the name, coronavirus is indeed a virus. You will want to focus on supporting your immune system with antiviral foods, supplements, herbs, teas, and other tactics I’ll outline below.

Antiviral Foods

There are many widely available foods that are antiviral in nature. A simple google search can give you some ideas but I’ll list a few you can incorporate into your meals as soon as possible. Obviously eating clean, organic food is critically important, and always should be.

Immune supporting foods:

  1. Mustard Greens
  2. Oysters
  3. Strawberries
  4. Liver
  5. Oranges
  6. Shiitake Mushrooms
  7. Brazil Nuts
  8. Wild Caught Salmon
  9. Pumpkin Seeds
  10. Basil
  11. Astragalus
  12. Rosemary
  13. Ginseng


Foods that Support Immune Response:

  1. Ginger
  2. Manuka Honey/Honey
  3. Turmeric
  4. Lemon
  5. Bone Broth
  6. Organic Apples
  7. Garlic
  8. Maitake Mushrooms
  9. Bell Pepper


Of course you should take into account any pre-existing conditions, etc. Some people don’t do well with certain foods. If you know what foods those are for you, replace those foods with other immune boosting foods.

Here are a few other sources you can use to find foods, supplements, herbs, essential oils, and nutrients to support your immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce mucous production:

How to Boost Your Immune System — Top 19 Boosters

Top Ten Natural Anti-Viral Agents

Ask Dr. Murray, Viral Infections

Institute of Functional Medicine

Virus-Specific Nutraceutical and Botanical Agents


Here are some of our top antiviral/immune supporting recommendations for supplements, herbs, essential oils, and the like:

  1. Immune Support – Including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Niacin, Zinc, Selenium, Immune boosting mushroom blend, & Olive Leaf Extract
  2. Spectrum AR – Including concentrated aromatic oils like oregano, lemon balm, sage, clove, and thyme
  3. Bacticidx – Including elderberry/elderflower, echinacea, and ginger. This tincture can be used to add a few drops into a hot tea
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. MicroGuard Plus & Wind Tea – we are very limited on these herbs in our clinic but will let you know when they are available to purchase


To purchase the linked supplements above, simply create an account with practitioner code 103201 and you will receive 20% off all supplements on your account. These are the supplements/herbs I am personally using.

Heat Helps Suppress Viruses

Hot lemon water, teas, and drinking at least every 30 minutes to wash the virus down into the stomach acid and to prevent the virus from accumulating in the throat is a very good tactic. In chinese medicine, Covid-19 is considered a “damp” illness. Anything hot is going to be helpful at warding off the virus from over taking your immune system. In addition to MicroGuard and Wind Tea herbs, we recommend sauna, hot epsom salt baths, hot teas, getting out into the sun, etc., to reduce dampness and survival of the virus.

Antiviral hot teas:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Green Tea
  3. Echinacea
  4. Lemon Balm
  5. Elderberry
  6. Ginger
  7. Dandelion
  8. Licorice
  9. Boneset


Getting out into the sunlight can also very helpful in neutralizing any virus, this one included. Sunlight alone can cut the half life (survival) of the virus on surfaces in half, depending on conditions.

Reduce Stress

This one may be obvious, specially with all of the unknowns going on right now. Stress levels are skyrocketing. Fear is over taking people’s thinking patterns. Stress alone decreases the body’s immune response, not to mention all of the emotional and psychological distress along with it.

Find your Zen. Whether it’s a workout. Yoga. Meditation. A walk outside in nature. Take a moment to connect with yourself. Connect with nature. There will be a plethora of online yoga, tai chi, movement classes available. Please take advantage of these to support yourself and small businesses moving mostly to an online presence with continued shut downs.

I always like to remember what I can ACTUALLY control in situations like this.

I can control my mind and what thoughts I’m allowing to happen. What I feed my body. Drinking water every 30 minutes or less. My attitude, how I show up. Being grateful. My breath and connecting with my body. I can reduce the amount of media I consume. I can control what information I consume and who I follow for advice. My willingness to move my body and exercise. My perception. Etc.

All these things are worth putting time and effort into. Staying calm in the storm is where we can learn the most from this situation. Be in a state of service. Get creative in how we can stay connected. Share with our loved ones how we are feeling. How we appreciate one another.

In the end I am optimistic that many good things will come of this. We have the chance to create a new unity and cohesion in our society. To look at what we could improve on as individuals and as a community. As well as rediscovering the things that are truly important in this life.

Final Word

Please feel to reach out to any of us at the clinic with any questions. We are all more than willing to help now and always with anything. As such, if we get herbs back in stock and you are in quarantine at home, we will be more than happy to drop them off at your front door. Therefore, whatever is needed at this time, we will find a way to make it happen.

Please follow our Optimal Movement Facebook page for updates. As well as @optimalmovementmn and @thedoc_carter for continuing information/updates in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.

Sending you all of our love and support.


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