Acupuncture is Medicine… Not Magic

Acupuncture is Medicine… Not Magic

First off, It’s been awhile.

In January I was in a nasty roll-over accident and have been playing catch up ever since. Apologies for the hiatus.

I learned a lot from the accident… a lot from my own personal recovery. I had a few injuries, some are gone, some are slowly fading, and others may be with me forever. This experience changed my perspective on how I practice medicine.

The question I get the most often, is also the one that I used to hate to answer, “how many sessions do I need to get better?” Although, there is no definitive answer to this question…

99.9% of the time it is more than

one treatment.  The question I will shoot back to my patients is..”how

quickly do you want to get better?” If you think of Acupuncture like putting time in the gym, the more you go the quicker you see results, if you combine gym time with lifestyle changes! The same thing goes for Acupuncture, healing doesn’t happen over night. Especially when you are using the bodies’ natural systems to create balance – when balance is achieved.. issues resolve, results are seen.

For most conditions I like to see people 3 times a week for 3 weeks to break the cycle and also to make sure you are implementing the prescribed exercises and the nutritional recommendations properly. After this, we can come up with a long-term plan of attack… to keep you out of my office. If you aren’t willing to put in the time to get better… You are probably better off seeking someone else’s help. Again, I am a medical practitioner not a magician.

As an Acupuncturist, unfortunately, I typically see people when their conditions have become chronic, after they have exhausted every other form of treatment. Your condition isn’t going to go away with one treatment. You need a series of treatments in combination with lifestyle changes. If, after a series of treatments & implementing proper changes, you have not improved, this most likely isn’t going to work for you. Until you’ve given acupuncture the time and opportunity to work with your body it’s unfair to say whether or not Acupuncture works for you.

Let’s be real…. If your coming to see an acupuncturist.. your either into natural and preventative medicine.. or you know that your condition won’t go away over night… and your ready to change! You are here, This is how you got here, This is what you need to do… it’s time to heal. Are you ready?

I send a follow up e-mail to each and every patient which goes over specifics we talked about, a treatment plan including; nutrition, exercise, and education, wether or not you visit me once, or it’s a 2 week plan, 2 month plan, or 6 month plan. You simply never know, that is also why I re-evaluate each and every treatment. Acupuncture is very adaptable, that is the beautiful thing about this medicine.

When I first started practicing Acupuncture my biggest downfall was that I was afraid to tell people it might take you 5-20 treatments to get better… You have 5-50 issues going on…You’ve had these issues for 2 months to 15 years… you’ve tried how many other things? medications, adjustments, massages, surgeries, etc.. How are those working for you?

I can definitely tell you that your Recovery is going to take

Time + A series of treatments + Lifestyle changes to achieve your desired results.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask.

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